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May the Lord, the God of your Fathers increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised!
Deuteronomy 1:11

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Speaker's Topics

Process to Wholeness:

Many believers face feelings of inadequacy. They take two steps forward yet feel as though they are being knocked back three. God wants His people free from anything keeping them in bondage. Despite life's challenges there is deliverance available for the people of God. However, deliverance is most often a process. Many seek to avoid the stages to complete deliverance and do not receive everything that God has for them. There is much to be learned in the processing phase, and nothing is wasted with God. This message will walk believers through the steps to total restoration where they can walk in freedom and purpose. After years of fighting the process Evelyn discovered valuable lessons in going through the process. 


Identity Crisis:

Words have the power to impact a person's life, and therefore it is important for parents to speak words of wisdom and affirmation into their children's lives. Evelyn's father spoke into her life in an impactful way that shaped her identity. Many people have taken on false identities because of what someone said to them or labels that have been placed upon them. If someone is unsure of who they are they may seek validation from the wrong source(s). However, God wants His followers to seek Him. He created them and wants them to know who they are in Him. The purpose of this message is to teach believers how to dismiss the noises of life and discover one's true identity in God. The absence of an earthly father does not disqualify one from receiving affirmation from the Heavenly Father through the Word of God. 


Seven Blessing Blockers:

"Mom, you will never move forward as long as you are looking back," these words were spoken by Evelyn's young daughter. Many people feel stuck and respond by blaming others. However, it is important to do a self-examination and evaluate one's own role in their present circumstance. Reaping the promises of God requires obediences. Walking in fear, and holding onto the past can prevent one from moving forward. This message speaks to the hindrances that keep believers feeling as if they are in a holding pattern. It also teaches how to adjust one's attitude so that they can walk in the joy of the Lord. The "joy of the Lord is our strength." As people live in the joy of the Lord they can live a life of freedom and thanksgiving. It is time for God's people to stop simply professing the promises of God and to start possessing them. 


The Heart of A Caregiver:

Evelyn shares her personal journey as caregiver for her husband for nearly a decade. Caregivers are often the invisible victim and suffer in silence while feeling emotionally conflicted. This message will empower caregivers by helping them to understand that not only what they do is valuable but who they are has value as well. The caregiver will receive the tools that are needed to continue to care for a loved one. The caregiver will be inspired and encouraged. Those who know caregivers will receive valuable information about how they can assist. Self-care is necessary to care for others. Learning to tap into available resources can be a lifesaving for the caregiver. The caregiver is taught how to care for a loved one in a way that honors them and honors God without diminishing the caregiver's own self-worth in the process. 


A Woman's Call:

Everyone have been called by God, but many wonder what God has called them to do in this season of their life. This message answers the questions: What does it mean to be called? And, how can one be faithful in what God has called them to do? Not everyone will function in professional ministry, but that does not mean that God has not called each person. Whether one is a single woman, wife, mother, or business owner she can fulfill her calling. Don't wait, but begin to walk in the calling of God today. God desires for His people to prosper in each season of their lives. Using her life experiences and over 22 years of leading women's ministries, Evelyn gives step-by-step instructions on how to walk in the calling of God. 

Speaker Recommendations:

"Evelyn exceeded our expectations. Her presentation was personal and impassioned, yet she provided the nurses with actionable advice such as “danger” signs and techniques to support the caregiver. She was approachable and caring. Her spirituality was appreciated by these nurses whose specialty is “intentional care of the spirit.” I highly recommend Evelyn as a speaker." ~ 

Donna Kremer, MDiv, RN-BC, Faith Community Nursing Coordinator, Morton Plant Mease Healthcare, Dunedin, FL


"Dr. Taylor presented “From the Heart of a Caregiver” for our Faith Community Nurses in the Tampa Bay Area. She worked with our coordinators to meet all of the objectives for the audience to provide a powerful CEU event, and made time to meet with attendees personally afterwards. We laughed-and cried- as she shared her personal insights and experiences, explaining the journey and process of caregiving. Direct comments from the evaluations include “She is so real, so kind, and very dynamic.” “She has a unique gift to explain the perspectives of both the person and the caregiver, and how to maintain whole person health body, mind, and spirit.” We look forward to continuing the relationships.~ 

Susan J. Fontaine, BSN, RN Faith Community Nursing Supervisor BayCare Health System Clearwater, FL


"Evelyn J Taylor has exhibited the ability to minister to women in various aspects of life. She has authored several books which address both the struggles and the potential for success of women. Dr. Taylor's character, personality, and ability to connect with a listening audience contribute to value as a public speaker." 

Thomas L Dozier, Ph.D. Senior Pastor - The Word of Grace and Truth Ministries, Tampa FL


"Dr. Taylor is the real deal. She has a great grasp on the scriptures and brings them to life when she speaks. She is very true to her passion to help women find their calling and fulfill their purpose in Christ. She is also sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. She doesn't just teach. She truly ministers to her audience."

Gail McMurray Scheffers- Director at Gail McMurray Scheffers Ministries

"I have known Evelyn for over 20 years. In this timeframe I have contracted her to be our Women's Conference speaker. She was well received. As a result of her dynamic, prophetic, and expository speaking ability she was requested by the women in the ministry and those who attended the conference to have her return for a consecutive year as our guest speaker. Her diversity in subject matter and her insightful perception about issues related to life experiences qualifies her as an excellent speaker. I highly recommend her as a speaker."

Clarise Ottley Ph.D.- Covenant Church Shepherdstown, WV

"Dr. Taylor is a powerful and inspirational speaker; she speaks to the issues of today, and a special message to women."

Bishop Tyrone Johnson- Praise the Lord Ministry Hope Mills, NC

"It was great having you here. Everyone really enjoyed your presentation. We look forward to having you back again in the future."

Kristin Rowe, CTRS-Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist, Coordinator for Stroke Support Group Meeting-Florida Hospital Tampa FL


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